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Looking to invest in bridging loans?

Global Development Finance was established in 1998 in the North West of England as a property finance lender focused on supporting local customers and property businesses. This foundation enabled Global Development Finance to build a successful business model which went on to raise money from investors.

Our aim is to continue to grow our loan book to a target size of £500 Million by 2030 which will meet the increasing appetite for alternative high street property finance. By offering fixed rate investments to its investors, Global Development Finance is looking to help investors achieve better rates than the high street banks.

Why Invest with Global Development Finance?
  • Fully asset backed security - with a max LTV of 75%
  • Account manager specifically to you, to help manage the whole process.
  • Access to your account 24/7 through our online portal.
  • Zero defaults on our loan book.
  • No Setup Fee, No Management Fee and No Charges.

To find out more information about becoming an investor, please call our Investor Services team on +44(0)207 315 4239 or if you’d prefer to be called back at your convenience, please email: to leave your details.

“We are a successful lender, family run and created from humble beginnings, dedicated to simplifying property finance. Our loan book is part funded by investors who become our partners and whom we commit to sharing our success with. We not only provide a competitive rate for your savings, but are also happy that, by supporting our growth you directly help us provide vital finance which reshapes Britain”

Adam Gilbert Managing Director, Global Development Finance

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